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  gRabo My story with tattoos began with drawing tattoos for colleagues on their body in primary school, it was a matter of time before doing my first tattoo with another tattooist (home based :)). In a short time after that I've borrowed his home made tattoo machine and had a go to see if I was able to create tattoo. After that I've catched the "bug", and I've made my own 'equipment'. After several years I decided to buy a professional machine (in those years more expensive than gold). The first studio that I helped open was the studio on Piotrkowska st. in Lodz (don't remember name), then I've opened studio in Cedynia for my friend, and managed it for him but after a short period of time I went to England. First studio in UK where I worked was Devil Tattoo in Birmingham - West Bromwich, next was Longford Tattoo which I helped to open with Micky Bee in Coventry. During this time I have also started to do the tattoo machines for Mick for a while.
Currently I'm working at Czas tattoo with Niewczas. And that's how 13 years of tattooing goes so far.